Nationwide resilience survey

Our new research looks at the strength and adaptability of the UK’s small businesses, highlighting how a third of small business owners say that the secret to their resilience, during the pandemic, is sheer hard work and motivation.

Businesses across the UK have had to deal with a lot of change over the past year, with almost a third of British small business owners saying they’ve felt anxious and 79% noting that they’ve had to adapt their business. However, during this incredibly tough time for small businesses, over half have lent a helping hand to another business in need.

Small business resilience around the UK

As we all work our way towards the ‘next normal’, our survey covered the country to find out how small businesses are bouncing back.

  • 84% of small businesses in Cardiff adapted their business during the pandemic

  • The majority of Birmingham small businesses say they’re feeling optimistic about their business and would describe their local area as the same

  • 76% of Edinburgh’s small business owners believe they’ve shown resilience at its best during the pandemic

  • A third of Glaswegian small business owners believe motivation is the key to success

  • 60% of small business owners in Leeds believe they’re more resilient than larger businesses

  • London’s small business owners were the most giving during the pandemic, lending a hand to other businesses in need

  • Over half of small business owners in Manchester say resilience is down to sheer hard work

  • A third of Nottingham’s small businesses say they felt stronger thanks to the resilience of their staff over the past year

  • 77% of small businesses in Sheffield feel optimistic about the future of their business

Time to move online

“The pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges for the business since Lowie was founded nearly twenty years ago. But we used our passion for what we do to work hard, push us through the tough times and adapt to a fully online business during lockdowns.

"The work we put in to reach customers online has benefited us long-term and we’re now feeling very optimistic about the future of the brand as we continue to improve our ecommerce offerings and create beautiful handcrafted designs we know our customers will love.”

Bronwyn Lowenthal, Founder of Lowie, a sustainable fashion brand based in London

Hard work and determination

“While the pandemic presented challenges for us and many local businesses, we were determined to keep the business running at all costs and continue to provide the community and our loyal customers with tasty and sustainable vegan meals to help see them through the depths of lockdown.

"Witnessing the incredible positive response from our customers, who have truly rallied around us during this difficult time, has made us more and more optimistic for the future and shown that hard work really does pay off.”

Kyle Parchment, Founder of Jam ‘n’ Vegan, a meal delivery firm based in Birmingham

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