Make everyday business better with Static IP

A static IP address will help you serve your customers better. Use one to run your own web server, access your computers when you're not in the office and more.

A small upgrade that'll make a big difference

Need a fixed internet address for running a web or email server, or want to access applications from when you're not in the business? Why not use a Static IP address? We can add one to your contract whenever you want.

  • Secure connections back to your office

    Out and about? Use a static IP address to securely connect to your office's computers, and access your applications.

  • A helping hand for your business

    From hosting your website, ecommerce site or email server, to transferring files without a hitch, a static IP address can make day to day business easier.

  • A consistent connection to your CCTV

    Keep everything secure. Use a static IP address to view CCTV footage wherever you happen to be.

Why Sky Business broadband

Faster speeds, when you need

Flex up to 900Mbps. Ready for peak seasons or busy periods.

Stay connected guarantee

Our automatic 4G backup keeps you connected or you get £25 credit.

2023 price lock

No price rise on broadband and phone packages for 2023

Choose your package

SAVE OVER £680 vs BT*


£26.95 a month

SAVE OVER £680 vs BT*


£36.95 a month

SAVE OVER £440 vs BT*


£46.95 a month

24/36-month terms only. £12 delivery. £99 Openreach install may apply. Prices exclude 20% VAT and may vary. Savings independently verified by FDM. *Based on a comparison of Sky Business offer price against BT’s standard prices for equivalent packages and features. Correct as of 14 March 2023.

Speeds up to (Mbps)













NEW – Add Speed Flex up to 900Mbps

NEW - Guest WiFi

Ultra-reliable with 4G backup


Digital Phone Lines with Voice


with 12 voice features


with 16 voice features


all 22 voice features

Unlimited UK calls

NEW - Cybersecurity

Standard Security or
add SecurityEdge

Standard Security or
add SecurityEdge

Advanced SecurityEdge

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Full Fibre broadband. For businesses that want to go faster.

Get flexible ultrafast speeds up to 900Mpbs. Perfect for the next peak seasons or big rush.

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