Complete the perfect cricket experience on Sky

Whether it's relaxing before a cricket match or winding down after, having Sky in your club will ensure the entertainment you provide to your members is first class.

Take a look at Sky Packages available for you club

How Sky can benefit your club

  • Take advantage of exclusive pricing for all ECB affiliated clubs
  • Combine cricket with an incredible line-up of sport this summer and beyond with live football, rugby, darts, tennis, horse racing and more
  • Entertain your members and add value to their membership
  • Attract new members whilst keeping existing members in your club for longer
  • Offer WiFi free of charge for you and your members when you take Sky TV
  • Get your members closer to the action with all the action in glorious HD
  • Create a unique selling point with breathtaking 3D
  • Make the most of live sport in your club with our dedicated support website
To take Sky3D today or for any other questions call your dedicated Sky Offshore Team - +44 (0)8442 411 645 - or e-mail us on
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my club eligible?
The exclusive Ashes offer is available to ECB affiliated clubs in England and Wales who currently do not have a commercial Sky subscription and/or who have not had one in the last six months.
Is there a fixed term contract?
You will enter into a 12 month contract with a right to terminate after 6 months. This means you’ll be able to cancel your subscription on 30 days’ written notice during the 6th month after activating your viewing card. After the 12 month term is completed, the contract will be a rolling monthly contract.

For example, if you activated your viewing card on 1 May 2013, your 6th month would be October 2013. You would need to terminate between 1 October – 31 October 2013. If you terminated on 15th October, your contract end date would be 15th November 2013. Full Terms and Conditions apply.*
Will I get HD and 3D as part of my package?
Yes, you will receive HD at no additional cost. Availability of HD channels is dependent on your chosen channel package. An HD ready TV and HD Pack are required for HD viewing.

The Sky 3D channel is available for no additional charge when you take the Sky Ultimate package only. 3DTV, 3D glasses and Sky HD/Sky+HD Box required for Sky 3D.
Will I get WiFi as part of my package?
Yes, WiFi is available for free in Sky’s network area whilst you subscribe to Sky TV (otherwise £35 a month). Standard setup fee for a single access point is £300. A minimum 12 month WiFi subscription term also applies.
What else can I watch other than the Ashes/what channels do I get?
Sky offers a wide range of great sports, news and entertainment content for you and your members to enjoy. For full channel details, take a look at the Sky Packages flyer above.
Who arranges the installation and when does it happen?
Sky will manage your installation process. A site survey will be required to determine the installation requirements (i.e. the satellite dish, the cabling etc.). Sky will arrange this with you. A third party site survey company working on behalf of Sky will conduct the survey. Sky will then contact you to confirm all of your costs (subscription, installation) and timings. When you are happy, your installation will be booked.
How long will it take for Sky to get installed in my club?
This will depend on your installation and site requirements. The average install is approximately two weeks.
How will I get billed for Sky?
If you are a new customer we will write to you detailing all the information you need about your first bill and subsequent bills as soon as your installation is complete and your viewing is set up.

We will also confirm the current monthly rate for your chosen channel package, the period for which your first bill covers, the amount of your first bill and when it will be taken from your bank or credit card account.

We will also confirm what your next payment will be and the date it will be collected each month.
I’m interested, what happens next?
Simply call our dedicated Sky for ECB clubs team on 08442 411 450. We’ll then inform you on next steps, talk you through the process and answer any queries you may have.
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ECB Agreement: WiFi: WiFi availability is subject to your premises location. Free whilst you subscribe to Sky TV (otherwise £35 a month). Installation and monthly service of a PSTN and ADSL line dedicated to public WiFi included. Equipment (including router) remains the property of Sky. Standard setup for single access point (AP) is £300. Site survey and additional APs may be required and costs extra. End user terms apply. General: All prices are stated ex VAT. Installation, site survey and additional equipment (e.g. TV bracket) not included and cost extra. You must get any consents required. Channels/programmes & prices subject to change. Further terms apply. Calls cost 5.1p per minute (plus 15p connection fee) for BT customers. Calls from other providers may vary. Correct at July 2013.