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Discover how your Sky subscription can work even harder for your business with Sky Sports PreviewLIVE. The website dedicated to pubs, clubs and bars that gives everything you need to promote sport in your venue and attract more customers.

With Sky Sports PreviewLIVE, you can make even more of what Sky has to offer with expert advice, detailed fixtures, event calendars, news, marketing tools and promotional materials and much more. Log on at

Sky Sports PreviewLIVE offers

  • My Weekly Planner to help you plan your week in advance
  • Customisable point of sale so that you can choose the fixtures relevant to your customers and region
  • Insightful case studies and training modules to help you attract more customers
  • Top tips and expert advice on maximising revenue from sport in your venue
  • Discounted merchandise to help you promote your business as a Sky Sports venue
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