Sky engineer installation postcode checker

Some parts of the UK are not yet accessible for Sky engineers, mostly in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, N. Ireland, the Isle of Man, Scilly Isles and the Isle of Wight. If your postcode is included in this list, you may not be able to order an installation from Sky Business.

To check, and for the latest information, please call us on 03337 594 833.

Last updated: 21 April 2022



RegionPostcodes not currently accessible to Sky engineers


IV1; IV2; IV3; IV10; IV11; IV12; IV13; IV14; IV15; IV16; IV17; IV18; IV19; IV20; IV21; IV22; IV23; IV24; IV25; IV26; IV27; IV28; IV30; IV31; IV32; IV36; IV40; IV41; IV42; IV43; IV44; IV45; IV46; IV47; IV48; IV49; IV51; IV52; IV53; IV54; IV55; IV56; IV99


KA27; KA28


KW1; KW2; KW3; KW5; KW6; KW7; KW8; KW9; KW10; KW11; KW12; KW13; KW14; KW15; KW16; KW17


ZE1; ZE2; ZE3

Loch Lomond

  FK19; FK20; FK21

Outer Hebrides

HS1; HS2; HS3; HS4; HS5; HS6; HS7; HS8; HS9


PA20; PA21; PA22; PA23; PA24; PA25; PA26; PA27; PA28; PA29; PA30; PA31; PA32; PA33; PA34; PA35; PA36; PA37; PA38; PA41; PA42; PA43; PA44; PA45; PA46; PA47; PA48; PA49; PA60; PA61; PA62; PA63; PA64; PA65; PA66; PA67; PA68; PA69; PA70; PA71; PA72; PA73; PA74; PA75; PA76; PA77; PA78; PA80; 


PH17; PH18; PH19; PH20; PH21; PH22; PH23; PH24; PH25; PH26; PH30; PH31; PH32; PH33; PH34; PH35; PH36; PH37; PH38; PH39; PH40; PH41; PH42; PH43; PH44; PH49; PH50

N. Ireland

BT1; BT2; BT3; BT4; BT5; BT6; BT7; BT8; BT9; BT10; BT11; BT12; BT13; BT14; BT15; BT16; BT17; BT18; BT19; BT20; BT21; BT22; BT23; BT24; BT25; BT26; BT27; BT28; BT29; BT30; BT31; BT32; BT33; BT34; BT35; BT36; BT37; BT38; BT39; BT40; BT41; BT42; BT43; BT44; BT45; BT46; BT47; BT48; BT49; BT51; BT52; BT53; BT54; BT55; BT56; BT57; BT58; BT60; BT61; BT62; BT63; BT64; BT65; BT66; BT67; BT68; BT69; BT70; BT71; BT74; BT75; BT76; BT77; BT78; BT79; BT80; BT81; BT82; BT92; BT93; BT94

Isle Of Man

IM1; IM2; IM3; IM4; IM5; IM6; IM7; IM8; IM9; IM99

Scilly Isles

TR21; TR22; TR23; TR24; TR25

Isle of Wight

PO30;  PO31; PO32; PO33; PO34; PO35; PO36; PO37; PO38; PO39; PO40; PO41